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"A simply told, extraordinary story. It is the best in storytelling, as if Farrell is sitting in the room with you."

Los Angeles Free Press

"These pages contain pure, luminous self-revelation...No one can read these pages and continue to live narrow, anxious, self-absorbed life."

Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking

"Saying Mike Farrell is an activist is like saying M*A*S*H was a cute little show. Farrell has been intensely vocal on behalf...antiwar, antipoverty, anti-death penalty, and anti-torture movements"

Minneapolis/St.Paul Star Tribune

"Farrell doesn't just take his case for human dignity and the value of live into the purified chambers of a liberal audience, but debates it in the unfriendly halls of those who are convinced that and eye for an eye is the way to go. He withstands shouts and vilification with an equanimity of spirit possessed only by those comfortable with their beliefs and willing to tolerate abuse on their behalf. It's what makes the soul glow."

Los Angeles Times

"First of all, Mike Farrell is an honest guy. Then you add in that he's a stand-up guy as well. The combination means his book, Just Call Me Mike, will entertain and inform you far beyond most autobiographies. Farrell's life is fascinating and his journey is well worth your time"

Bill O'Reilly, anchor, FOX News Channel

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